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Главная » 2023 » Сентябрь » 28 » Падение Америки и Европы, занятие Россией ведущей роли в мире в наступившую с 1920 г. эпоху Пророка Пушкина А.С. Продолжение. Часть 3128
Падение Америки и Европы, занятие Россией ведущей роли в мире в наступившую с 1920 г. эпоху Пророка Пушкина А.С. Продолжение. Часть 3128

ДОКТРИНА ПАТРУШЕВА от 15.09.23 на английском языке

The collapse of parasitic empires



Mankind has entered a critical era, a new period of world history. It is not just a question of changing the world order, reformatting the system of international relations, and evolving the doctrines and values underlying the world architecture. Today, profound, truly tectonic changes are taking place.


Before our eyes, the Western-centered colonial world order, which originated in the era of the Crusades and took shape during the Great Geographical Discoveries, is undergoing a final breakdown. It was then that the foundations were laid for the Western model of civilization, which was predatory in nature and has existed with some modifications up to the present day.


Within the framework of this model, a narrow group of states built a pyramid, establishing themselves at its top and granting themselves exclusive powers. How this pyramid of parasitism is designed and to whom each of its floors is assigned, is clearly seen from the division of the world into developed states, countries in transition and developing countries, which is accepted in modern Western practice. The essence of this system is simple: everyone who is on the lower tier must uncomplainingly and practically gratuitously transfer to the top part of their own resources - material, financial, intellectual, human. In fact, we are dealing with a multilevel parasitic superstructure on a global scale.


The word "parasite" is Greek for "sponger. In Ancient Greece, this was the name given to swindlers who gained the trust of wealthy citizens and used cunning and often force to seize control of their homes. This was also the way the Western powers acted, ensuring their dominance and using the most brutal and inhumane methods.


History knows many examples. The European conquest of the New World was accompanied by genocide of the indigenous population. More than 15 million slaves were taken from Africa as a result of its partition and plunder to America, primarily to the U.S. The large-scale siphoning of resources from South and Southeast Asia, the "opium wars" in China and other similar operations are in memory.


At the same time, colonial-imperialist projects were planned and implemented primarily by private capital: merchants, entrepreneurs, joint-stock companies and corporations, which were more powerful than many states and had their own armies and fleets.


Today, the East India companies and colonial administrations have been replaced by transnational corporations, whose resources exceed the potential of most states in the world. Politics in Western countries is shaped not by elected authorities, but by the same big capital. American arms companies have long felt themselves masters of the Pentagon, and their colleagues from information giants like Google, Meta, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon do not even try to hide the use of technologies for collecting personal data and social control around the world for their own purposes.


The conglomerate of private banks known as the U.S. Federal Reserve is a creditor of the U.S. government, which in turn has put the rest of the world on the "dollar needle." Washington continues to deliberately, albeit forcedly, increase the national debt, which has already exceeded $32.5 trillion. Successive Fed chairmen boast that the United States is able to repay any loan it takes out because it can print unlimited money.


For the sake of global domination, the West uses direct military influence, threats of force, "privatization" of elites, "color revolutions", encourages terrorism and extremism. Thus, the continuous expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance actually provides the U.S. with an opportunity to absorb states, deprive them of their independence in defending their national interests. NATO's duplicity cannot be hidden under any pretext. For years the NATO members have been paying lip service to peace, but at the same time they fight or threaten war against any country that does not agree with the US policy. NATO's military power is used to maintain Western hegemony, economic subjugation, and political pressure on states that do not pose a military threat to the alliance. In seven decades, NATO members have been involved in more than 200 military conflicts around the world.


It should be noted that in practice NATO armies are also colonial armies for America. If necessary, Washington will easily send the troops of other member countries of the alliance to slaughter without risking the lives of representatives of the "exceptional" American people.


International terrorism, which in its current form is a direct tool to promote the influence of the Atlanticists, is also in the same line. Almost all modern major terrorist groups are created, supplied and financed by Western intelligence services, implementing the decisions of the political leadership of their countries.


The main cause of modern migration crises is also the conflicts provoked by Westerners and their centuries-old predatory policy towards the states of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


The schemes by which transnational organized crime works today are not new either. England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the United States have never been reluctant to use the services of pirates and other bandits to achieve their political and economic goals. And all the loot was somehow deposited in the West.


Psychological influence on the inhabitants of other countries and continents became an effective non-military method of strengthening Western dominance. For centuries, professional propagandists from the Old World have been constructing arguments according to which they not only bring good to other nations, but also allegedly do it in the form of charity, almost to their own detriment. Everyone remembers Rudyard Kipling's lines about "the white man's burden," which, in his words, consists in sending his "best sons into the service of sullen tribes." It is not so widely known, however, that some English colonies, such as Australia, were originally used only to cleanse the metropolis of criminals and marginalized people.


The conceptual justification for colonialism was embodied in the so-called scientific racism created at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in England and the United States. Its theorists explained the necessity of guardianship of "superior" races over "inferior" races by arguments about the physical and intellectual inequality of human races.


The ideology of their own superiority over other peoples and civilizations has been nurtured in Western societies for centuries, and it is still close to them. It is from such positions that the West looks at Russia. Fearful of its greatness and power, hungry for its riches, Westerners have always sought to weaken our country and seize its resources. Therefore, the fact that with the start of the special military operation in Ukraine the West has been hit by a wave of Russophobia is not surprising at all.


There is another aspect. Russia is perceived by the West as a constant threat. After all, the dismantling of the colonial system began after World War II under the direct influence of the achievements and victories of the Soviet Union. It was then that the Western metropolises lost direct control over their possessions, and dozens of states around the world gained independence. As a consequence, colonizers had to switch to mechanisms and methods of indirect coercion: dragging new countries into political and military blocs, bribing local elites, economic and technological enslavement, and exploitation of other people's resources through hidden schemes. The losses were enormous, and this did not add to the love for our country in the West.


Today, the entire arsenal of means available to its adversaries is being used against Russia. These are not only threats or sanctions, but also thousands of information resources under their control and a multilevel system of public opinion processing, which are based on an extensive network of foreign PR agencies designed to create reasons for unleashing vicious information campaigns around the world.


In this regard, it should be remembered that military capabilities alone, even advanced nuclear missile capabilities, are not enough to defend against Western geopolitical aggression. It is important to confront it in an organized manner in a large-scale battle for minds and hearts. The collapse of the USSR shifted the balance of power, and the fighters for dominance rushed to use this occasion to strengthen their dictate to the rest of the world. Today, the U.S. and Europe spend enormous resources to find and educate in specialized educational centers so-called young democratic leaders, who will then be used to organize coups d'état to establish regimes dependent on the West in formerly independent states. It has become commonplace for "leaders" trained in this way to turn out to be ordinary puppets receiving money and instructions from the CIA, MI6 and other Western intelligence services.


Westerners gain additional leverage by involving in training promising managers and representatives of law enforcement agencies, who then become conductors of harmful ideas to the detriment of the national interests of their states. In recent years, hundreds of employees of foreign intelligence services and other persons involved in organizing intelligence and subversive activities against our country and our strategic partners have been identified and neutralized.


Having been rebuffed, the United States and its allies have turned to tactics to destroy the security architecture in the world that has been established over the years. Ignoring the goals and principles of the UN Charter, they seek to replace international law with a "rules-based order" that they themselves define. In its neo-colonial aspirations, the West is trying to destroy the most important, but beyond its control integration associations: ASEAN, SCO, BRICS, CIS, EAEU and others, pursuing the long-term goal of turning independent states into its vassals.


The US political circles have convinced themselves of America's allegedly special messianic destiny to rule the world through a forceful foreign policy without recognizing anyone's interests. They are actively interfering in internal processes throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia, building new alliances for themselves. Among them are the AUKUS trilateral partnership with Great Britain and Australia, the US-Japan-Republic of Korea triangle, which are aimed at China, Russia, DPRK and other countries in the region that do not obey Washington's will. In the Asia-Pacific region, the White House is obsessed with the idea of forming a security network structure, in which Tokyo has a significant place. Plans are underway to establish a NATO branch in the Asia-Pacific. Cooperation with England is intensifying in order to utilize the potential of its intelligence services, technological achievements and integration of the armed forces into ongoing American operations. Washington cannot give up the idea of a "branch" of pocket NATO in the Middle East.


The expansion of the U.S. military machine is accompanied by a forced reformatting of the mentality and spirituality of the population of all countries where the Anglo-Saxons intend to expand their influence. False ideas and values are being systematically and compulsively inserted into their public consciousness in order to consolidate the neocolonial claims of the West.


First of all, these are the ideas of globalism, the complete opposite of patriotism, which does not recognize the diversity of cultures and ways of life and is designed to force all countries and peoples under the banner of the Western civilization of consumption.


In addition, it is the already tired propaganda of false theories of gender diversity with the invention of dozens of genders and the ability to change the biological parameters of a person at the first whim or even under compulsion.


Finally, it is the development and imposition of insane pseudo-environmental doctrines designed to justify the need for radical reduction in the number of mankind under the slogan of nature conservation.


The pseudoscientific concept of transhumanism is cultivated, according to which man is declared an intermediate link of biological and social development, which entails the requirement to "improve" him, almost forced, through genetic modification and fusion with technological systems. At the same time, people are presented with various technocratic theories that justify the dependence of humans on new technologies and allow artificial intelligence to control them.


Staking on anti-human, frankly misanthropic ideas has long been a trademark of Western European and American elites. The proposed doctrines are, in fact, an attempt of the West to preserve its former benefits and privileges. Accordingly, all states and peoples who do not want to follow these vicious ideas, but profess and defend their way, sanctified by thousands of years of experience and traditions of their ancestors, are automatically proclaimed enemies subject to "re-education" by any means, including force.


That is why it is important for the greater part of humanity, which does not agree with the role assigned to it as the "fodder base" of the West, to unite and put an end to neocolonial hegemony, to finally withdraw its political, economic, social and cultural systems from the influence of Western so-called civilization.


We are witnessing that the center of economic activity has shifted from the global West to what have hitherto been called developing countries. They have already surpassed both the United States and Europe in terms of the volume of products produced, the scale of investment, the pace of technological progress and the growth in the quality of life of the population.


It is not surprising that at the beginning of the 21st century, when resources became much more difficult to extract, American, British and European globalists found themselves in a difficult situation, and the pyramid of parasitism faltered. Pockets of struggle for freedom emerged in different regions of the world. Independent states have ceased to put up with systemic robbery. Centers of power have formed on the planet, which no longer wish to submit to the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxons. A significant part of Eurasia, China, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Arab world - all these are the poles of the future world order. Against the background of Russia's tough confrontation with the collective West, the "hot" phase of which was the special operation in Ukraine, the process of its formation has significantly accelerated. A convincing confirmation of this is the refusal of the majority of the world's states to join the anti-Russian sanctions.


Russia has become a center of attraction for all those who are ready to resist the parasitism of the West, because we offer an alternative path. Its main parameters are reflected in the new edition of the Concept of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation. We are open for cooperation with all constructive countries, public and political forces willing to move together on the path of development, laying the foundations for a new, genuine democratic multipolar world order.


Most States are ready to work together in this direction. Direct evidence of this is the XI International Meeting of High Representatives in charge of security issues, held in Russia on May 23-25 this year. Delegations from 101 countries and six international organizations participated in the forum.


The conference took place in a difficult international environment, in conditions of undisguised pressure, when the ambassadors of the United States, England and France tried to force its participants to abandon their trip to Russia. Such hostile actions did not come as a surprise to anyone. The West does not recognize formats organized without its leading role, as well as bilateral and multilateral interaction based on equality and international law.


In their speeches, participants emphasized that the turbulence of processes in the modern world is a direct consequence of the desire of the collective West and global transnational corporations to reverse the process of restoring balance and justice. The thesis that the most important principle of international relations should be mutual respect and unconditional recognition of the right of others to choose their own way of development, their social, political and economic structure was a red thread.


Another example. On June 23 of this year, the first meeting of the secretaries of the security councils of Russia and Central Asian countries was held in Alma-Ata. The main focus of the meeting was on how to jointly combat the consequences of the West's neo-colonial adventure in Afghanistan, which the Anglo-Saxons, with the direct involvement of NATO, have spent 20 years turning into a hotbed of terrorism, drug trafficking, crime and extremist ideologies.


The experience of holding such forums shows that the majority of the world's countries realize the destructive nature of the global policy of the United States and its satellites and how suicidal it is today to mindlessly submit to the West. In the public speeches of our partners, in bilateral negotiations and in behind-the-scenes conversations, the same leitmotif is heard: the development of humanity depends directly on strengthening a multipolar world and preserving traditional moral values.


We should not forget that the UN remains the main mechanism for dialogue and coordination of states on issues requiring joint action, and the Charter of the Organization already contains the principle of multipolarity based on regional representation. In this regard, the issue of expanding the UN Security Council to include countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America is becoming increasingly relevant.


Today it is obvious that objective prerequisites have been formed for the transition to this type of world order due to the deep socio-economic and political crisis of the Western world and the rapid development of non-Western societies. There are also subjective reasons, expressed in the desire of a number of players to build a global architecture of a new type, in which there will be no place for the division of countries and peoples into classes, types and varieties.


The most important resource in opposing the designs of modern colonialists is historical memory, which the Westerners, despite their efforts, have not been able to erase. Peoples in all regions of the world remember centuries of fierce oppression, and no fables about the "civilizing mission of the white man" can erase the horrors of English slavery, the atrocities of Hitler's Nazis and their henchmen. Nor will they forget the Belgians who chopped off the limbs of the Congo's inhabitants as punishment for insufficient results in rubber harvesting, nor will they forget the French and Americans who turned the flourishing island of Haiti into a giant slum during two centuries of inhuman robbery.


It is well known that the destruction of Libya, the two Iraqi campaigns and the wave of Arab "color revolutions" were a direct consequence of Washington's attempt to keep African countries and energy-rich Middle Eastern states from escaping Western control.


Europe, which has recently been stirred up by the desire for sovereignty (also called "strategic autonomy"), also poses an increasing threat to U.S. hegemony. The conflict in Ukraine was organized by Washington and London not only to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, but also to weaken Europe, where Germany had previously played "first fiddle".


In its attempts to maintain its dominance, the West itself destroyed the tools that worked better for it than the military machine. These are freedom of movement of goods and services, transport and logistics corridors, a unified system of payments, global division of labor and value chains. As a result, Westerners are shutting themselves off from the rest of the world at a rapid pace. The U.S. share in global GDP is falling rapidly. The current decade will pass under the slogans of import substitution and rejection of the dollar.


The "printing press" strategy, like the entire Western financial system, is viable exactly as long as the U.S. and its satellites wage new colonial wars. However, there are no financial pyramids that exist forever. This is an immutable law of economics. It is obvious that in the foreseeable future the U.S. will have to accept the role of one of the poles of the multipolar world, and Europe, which has agreed to become an American vassal, will have to work hard to gain geopolitical independence.


Nikolai Patrushev. Razvedchik magazine number 3, September 2023


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- Нашу страну пытались очернить ещё многие столетия назад. Взять хотя бы Ивана Грозного, которого на Западе почему-то называют Ужасным. «Чёрная легенда» о нём как о тиране начала входить в оборот ещё при жизни царя с подачи западных хронистов, желавших отвлечь внимание европейцев от того, что творилось в их странах. Религиозная резня, инквизиция, охота на ведьм, чудовищное колониальное порабощение народов - деяния, о которых сейчас на Западе предпочитают не вспоминать.

Здесь можно усмотреть явную аналогию с нынешними временами, когда в США и Евросоюзе всеми средствами подавляют инакомыслие и ограничивают в гражданских правах тех, кто не готов поддерживать западные ценности, но при этом главной угрозой свободам изображают нашу страну. Русофобские практики остаются одними и теми же что сегодня, что сотни лет назад.

(Из интервью «АиФ» 30 апреля 2021 г.)


СВО «в долгую» остановит гегемонию США: генерал-лейтенант Пуликовский объяснил, как это произойдет

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Новый выпуск разговора с генерал-лейтенантом Константином Пуликовским.

«Контрнаступление» Украины провалено, армия РФ заняла крепкую оборону. Ведутся разговоры, что боевые действия могут перейти «в долгую».

Пуликовский отмечает, что с политической точки зрения время играет на нас. Сейчас происходит объединение стран в анти-американские коалиции, и они будут становиться только крепче. 

01:00 - военные хотят победы;
02:50 - как нам может «играть на руку» затягивающееся по времени противостояние;
03:40 - страны Азии, Африки устали от гегемонии американцев;
05:30 - время играет на нас;
07:20 - Америка уже всем надоела; 
09:20 - США останавливает только сила. 20-30 лет назад их сдерживала огромная армада танков Сейчас – новая сила;
11:25 - роль православия;
13:00 - «твой враг – империализм»: опыт Пуликовского – как готовили советских офицеров;  
16:04 - разговоры о применении ядреного оружия – просто разговоры или такое реально возможно?
18:44 - кто управляет Байденом?


НС: точно подметил что мы опережаем запад в ценностях, в нравственностях. А это факт точно научно обоснован с позиции Русской РОДовой Кольцевой Науки. Европейцы опережают нас в Правлении и Экономике, но отстают в Мировоззрении (нравственности) и в Настроении на общественный, мирный, дружелюбный лад. В этой матрице развитие европейцев зеркально противоположно развитию русских.

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Игорь Панарин: Россия и Европа по Данилевскому


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